UPI OUTDOOR experience
In a three day workshop event, you can explore CRAFT (fire craft, woodcraft and bushcraft) and HIKE (nature hike) in the symbolic Mt. Tsurugi area. This 1955m high mountain is located in the eastern side of Iya Valley which is one of the three greatest secluded regions of Japan.
Individuals and families are warmly welcomed to join this event. (*Since this event involves using knives and hiking, children must be an elementary school student or older. Also, the hike takes around 3 hours to the summit from the hillside at the starting point.)
You will also have the benefit to “experience” various UPI OUTDOOR products, such as trying out Woolpower garment during the event. (available only for adults)
#1 fire craft

Fire related workshop by Mr. Hajime Sangawa, a campfire meister.

#2 woodcraft

Woodcraft workshop by Mr. Shuhei Nagano, a nature craft artist

#3 bushcraft

Survival workshop by Mr. Satoshi Koshiyama, a Morakniv Japan instructor

#4 nature hike

Mt.Tsurugi hike led by local guides Mr. Takeshi Ushio and Mrs. Aiko Ushio from “Trip – The River Guides of Shikoku”

Event Schedule

*subject to change without prior notice

DAY 1 / October 4 (Fri.)
13:45 Participants arrive at Takamatsu Airport
13:55 Bus departs Takamatsu Airport
15:45 Arrive at the hotel (shared room), La foret Tsurugi San
16:00 Workshop #1 fire craft
18:00 Welcome dinner and Welcome Awa-Odori (traditional dance in Tokushima)
19:30 Bathtime
DAY 2 / October 5 (Sat.)
07:00 Breakfast at the hotel
08:00 Workshop #2 woodcraft and #3 bushcraft (divided into 2 groups)
10:00 Bus from hotel
10:30 Offering prayer with knives at Tsurugi Shrine
11:00 Take a lift to the hillside of Mt.Tsurugi
11:30 Light lunch at the hillside
12:00 Workshop #4 nature hike
16:00 Bus to the hotel
17:00 Bathtime
18:00 Dinner at the hotel
DAY 3 / October 6 (Sun.)
06:00 Breakfast at the hotel
08:00 Workshop #2 woodcraft and #3 bushcraft (divided into 2 groups)
10:00 Bus to Takamatsu Airport
13:00 Takamatsu Airport and dismiss
*Please note that there will be some changes on the time schedule depending on the progress.
*The content of this event could be changed due to the weather condition.
*Date and time of workshops, shared room, and bathtime will be divided into groups.

Mr. Hajime Sangawa

Outdoor Life Advisor / UPI OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Advisor.
Based in Miura peninsula in Kanagagawa, Hajime expands the appeal of outdoor life through “takibi(campfire) cafe”, backcountry tour, disaster defence camp and so on. His distinguished knowledge of Swedish outdoor culture has led him to become an ambassador of FJALLRAVEN and Lemmel Kaffe in Japan. His latest book, “Outdoor Technique Guide (アウトドアテクニック図鑑) ” and “The New Camp Textbook (新しいキャンプの教科書)” under his supervision, are now published from Ikeda Publishing. He is also recognized widely on the national broadcasting program, NHK, in Japan called “Enjoy defencing natural disaster! Camp for beginners (楽しく防災!はじめてのキャンプ)” and on their textbook.

Mr. Shuhei Nagano


Nature craft artist and outdoor chef. Shuhei is featured in magazines, web series, workshop lecturers and many more. He is specialized in crafting life tools using natural and old wood materials. He is also known as an outdoor chef using wild plants to cook on campfire. After living in an old traditional Japanese house in Mt. Jimba, Tokyo, he moved to the banks of Doshigawa river, Kanagawa, where he teaches the joy of crafting, and runs an atelier called “Nature Works” in his half self-built “Minomushi (Bagworm) House”.


Mr. Satoshi Koshiyama

Morakniv Japan instructor and Pathfinder Japan instructor.
Satoshi has been working as an instructor in Morakniv workshop held by UPI Outdoor since 2015, as well as Pathfinder’s since UPI started carrying its products. His teaching covers various knowledges, experiences and skills of knives he has built in bushcraft techniques. His presence and soft spoken tone is popular amongst adults and children.

Mr. Takeshi Ushio and Mrs. Aiko Ushio

Takeshi and Aiko presents tours, “Trip – The River Guides of Shikoku”.
The married couple, Mr./Mrs. Ushio actively seeks for “beautiful scenery” on their backpacking trips from mountain to sea and host tours to a best-kept secret from head of Shikoku’s river to sea mainly for kayak and hiking. They live at the foot of Mt. Tsurugi and have guided for almost 20 years.
Entry Fee
Adults:45,000 JPY (tax included)
Children (Elementary School Students) : 20,000 JPY (tax included)

*Please enter a number of adults / children and fill out your information in the link above.

*The fee includes accommodation and meals (dinner on Oct 4 / breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Oct 5 / breakfast on Oct 6), bus fare during the event, lift tickets to the hillside for hiking, and workshops.
*You can purchase drinks on site from vending machines and/or at the hotel.
*Please note that transportation to and from Takamatsu Airport to your destination are NOT included in the fee above. We kindly ask you to arrange airplanes and/or other methods of transportation.
**Please kindly inform us your methods of transportation (such as flight # and time) to Takamatsu Airport when you apply.
*It is optional for you to meet up at the event site; however, the bus fare included in the fee above is non refundable.
*The fee for junior high school students and over is the same as for adults.
*Event fee is fixed. There will be no change on the fee for any circumstances.
*Maximum number of 50 attendants.
*Application deadline is Friday, September 20
Cancellation Policy
For your safety first, in the case of the event being cancelled due to severe weather condition, we will inform you by email in the morning of October 2nd and the event fee will be refunded.
However, please kindly note that the cost on cancelling your transportation fee will be under your responsibilities.

Please be aware that this event is non refundable after your purchase is made under any circumstances other than the weather cancellation reasons above.
【Location for Meeting and Dismissing】
The location for meeting and dismissing will both be at Takamatsu Airport. Customers can also commute directly to the hotel by car. If so, please let us know in advance. We kindly ask you to cover the transportation cost to and from Takamatsu Airport respectively, and also to and from the hotel if you choose to drive.
*Also please kindly inform us your methods of transportation (such as flight # and time) to Takamatsu Airport when you apply.
【Relief from travel sickness】
As we will be driving through a mountain road from Takamatsu Airport to the hotel, please bring your own motion sickness medication if you are aware of getting carsick.
Most of the places including inside of the mountain is a service area; however, please note that there may be areas where your phone will be out of service.
【Water bottle】
We recommend bringing your own water bottle as there are tasty natural water at the mountain peak.
【Room assignment】
Please be aware the room will be shared with others. Although we do try our best to put a thought into families with children and groups when assigning rooms, we may not be able to meet all of your expectations.
You can purchase drinks on site from vending machines and/or at the hotel. Alcohol beverage is also available, however; please be concerned for others as rooms will be shared.
Throughout the event, we will prepare dinner on Oct 4 / breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Oct 5 / breakfast on Oct 6.
There is a public bath for both male and female. We will divide into groups to take turns. We would like to ask you for your cooperation to follow the schedule and also use a set of a bath-towel and a face-towel which will be provided for you to use during your stay.
【Bathroom in your room】
Each room has a bathroom sink and a Western-style lavatory. There is a bathroom by the lobby on the first floor too.
【Weather condition】
Workshops will still be held when it rains. However, please be aware the hiking might be cancelled depending on the severity of the weather.
Thank you!

Hosted by Uneplage International Co., Ltd.